OK, so, this page is where we talk to you about how to approach your Mormon friends about liberty.  This might sound awkward and uncomfortable, but it really isn't, and, first, I'm going to explain why.


Members of the church are very interested in what we call "spreading the Gospel."  Which means talking about our beliefs to people who aren't members of the church.  But, for us, that's an awkward conversation to start.  Very few people are comfortable being approached about religious topics.  Which means that Mormons are itching to talk about their religion but they can't really do it very easily.


But you can, because you are asking them about something they want to talk about!


Now, if I were reading this, I would, right about now, be thinking "ok but this is still kind of a gimmick and I would feel like I was asking the question under false pretenses."  Nope.  You won't be asking under false pretenses, because you do genuinely want to hear what they have to say on this topic.  Also, you are not taking advantage of them in any way--this is what they believe, and, if I'm correct, they really should want to know the material that is presented here.


So, here's how you start.


"You're Mormon, right?  Well, I heard this guy, who said he was a Mormon, and he said that every Mormon should be a libertarian!  Do you know what he was talking about?"


Probably they don't.  So ask this follow-up question:


"He said it was something about the War in Heaven and the Premortal Life?"  Ask them to explain what the War in Heaven was about.  It's a pretty simple story.   Ask for more details about what Lucifer was proposing.  That's the key.  As a libertarian, you should be able to talk here about how much what Lucifer suggested sounds like most things the government wants to do--prevent some bad outcome, but at the expense of human agency.


You don't even have to go this far--if you can get them curious enough to go to themormoncaseforliberty.com, it's a win.  It should be up to me to take it from there.

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